monster irish blend

Today im reviewing monster irish blend.  Its coffee with more of everything you want to keep you up.  I’ll admit it does taste funky at first but in a good way, the more you drink it the better it gets.

Don’t believe me, give it a good sip and you might be buying this in the morning.  well probably not since these are around $3 a pop.

check out the monster energy site, there is a lot of cool events ranging from sports, racing, music, car shows and more.

Trouble finding monsters just visit GNC, that’s where I go.  Every 1st week of the month is 30% off so take advantage of that offer now!

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Okay here is my list of what I think are the 10 best energy drinks on the market right now.

#10-Redbull- its a classic always great with vodka or just to get you going, plus its sold everywhere.

#9- Cocaine energy drink– it has a real kick, as long as you can stomach the taste!  It feels like its burning, i don’t think that is healthy.  Check out some other reviews here

#8- Guru energy drink, made with all natural ingredients they call it natures energy drink.  Great taste and has ingredients you can actually pronounce.  Might be a little hard to find though.  Check out other reviews

#7- 5 hour energy drink.  I got to try this a lot because of all the care packages i received.  Its expensive, like 4-5 bucks for a 4 pack i believe.  It does the job though, no time to grab anything to eat in the morning no problem just drink this and stay wired for an hour or two.

#6- GAZZU- looks like a monster energy drink in design.  It doesn’t get me jittery at all.  Smells like jello, and has the usual ingredients like vitamin b6,b12, taurine, caffeine.

5#- RELAXZEN- not your typical Energy drink, but keeps you focused and relaxed.  Good taste, but the particles in the drink make it annoying to drink.

#4- Java jolt- If you love coffee you will love this, tastes just like ice coffee with more boost.

Most of these drinks are hard to find but GNC stocks and sells most of them.  Check out their selection

#3 NO explode BSN- This isn’t a energy drink in a can, its a supplement with creatine, and other nutrients to help you build muscle and fuel your work outs.  It works rather well, if you drink it you will feel so jittery that you HAVE to work out or you feel like your going to puke.  You will get used to it after a few times of using it.

#2- whoopass- this one is just to funny to not be up here. 

And finally the number one drink in my top tens list is

#1 Monster energy drink – The sugar free is my absolute favorite.  Its also a favorite in the Marine corps, heck they should be paid to drink it since they advertise it for free practically every where they go.  Great tasting but never drink it during extremely hot weather, it tends to dehydrate you and you may become a heat casualty.


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The “anti energy drink”

There is something new that is the anti energy drink.  This drink doesn’t contain caffeine or stimulants but instead has ingredients that lets you relax and mellow out. Since most of us can’t drink alcohol all day, this energy drink or “anti energy drink” can do wonders.

there is some controversy saying that this is just a commercialized version of “syrup” or codeine mixed with a sweet drink.  Parents would probably not approve if they even had a clue what this was or resembles.  But this energy drinksounds good to me, can’t wait to try it.

check out this blog to see more about anti energy drinks

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Neurodrink line, this is something new i came across.  Its pretty intresting  they seem to have a bunch of drinks that focus on things like neurobliss for good mood, mental acuity, fat loss, decreasing stress and a lot more.  I heard about it from a friend and im really curious on how it works.  There are only a few stores mostly in the city that carry this so as soon as I can get a hold of some I will do a full review.  But let me get some feedback have any of you tried this drink?

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Today im going to review one of my favorite best energy drinks called
Monster.  These drinks pack a punch especially if you drink the whole can. First timers beware it may make you excessively jittery and possibly nauseous so you might want to only drink half. But this drink does a great job in waking you up for anything, it really helped in getting me to start working out again since I couldn’t just sit around

Monster energy drink I feel is the tastiest out of all the energy drinks I’ve tried.  I especially like the sugar free version.  It’s got the same ingredients minus all the sugar!  This is also a military favorite.  You will notice that in most military exchanges the shelves are packed
with Monsters.   You shouldn’t drink this if you don’t have access to a bathroom because the caffeine makes you go pretty quick.  Not great before a long drive or traffic!

For students no matter how tired you are it will definitely keep
you up so you can study.  The next time you haven’t slept and are studying for a final exam I dare you to try it.  Many stores offer Monster energy drink, GNC always seems to keep this drink stocked up.

Heres the actual company website

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a shot of life

School has finally stared and i’ve been tired as ever trying to get used to the new schedule. Why did I sign up for early classes??! As fan of energy drinks i’ve been noticing a lot of commercials about one shot energy drinks. I’ve so far tried only one brand called 5hr energy. It wasn’t bad at all, I think the taste wakes you up more than whats actually in it, but it does the trick! Even with all the caffine I dont crash at all. These are great when you have to be up early be alert and especially when your hung over.
I’m waiting for them to make a drink that makes you focus more, and I might have found it. Its called Neuro drink but i haven’t tried it yet. ill update you guys once i find one of these damn things. I can’t find any stores that carry them!

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