Today im going to review one of my favorite best energy drinks called
Monster.  These drinks pack a punch especially if you drink the whole can. First timers beware it may make you excessively jittery and possibly nauseous so you might want to only drink half. But this drink does a great job in waking you up for anything, it really helped in getting me to start working out again since I couldn’t just sit around

Monster energy drink I feel is the tastiest out of all the energy drinks I’ve tried.  I especially like the sugar free version.  It’s got the same ingredients minus all the sugar!  This is also a military favorite.  You will notice that in most military exchanges the shelves are packed
with Monsters.   You shouldn’t drink this if you don’t have access to a bathroom because the caffeine makes you go pretty quick.  Not great before a long drive or traffic!

For students no matter how tired you are it will definitely keep
you up so you can study.  The next time you haven’t slept and are studying for a final exam I dare you to try it.  Many stores offer Monster energy drink, GNC always seems to keep this drink stocked up.

Heres the actual company website


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