Okay here is my list of what I think are the 10 best energy drinks on the market right now.

#10-Redbull- its a classic always great with vodka or just to get you going, plus its sold everywhere.

#9- Cocaine energy drink– it has a real kick, as long as you can stomach the taste!  It feels like its burning, i don’t think that is healthy.  Check out some other reviews here

#8- Guru energy drink, made with all natural ingredients they call it natures energy drink.  Great taste and has ingredients you can actually pronounce.  Might be a little hard to find though.  Check out other reviews

#7- 5 hour energy drink.  I got to try this a lot because of all the care packages i received.  Its expensive, like 4-5 bucks for a 4 pack i believe.  It does the job though, no time to grab anything to eat in the morning no problem just drink this and stay wired for an hour or two.

#6- GAZZU- looks like a monster energy drink in design.  It doesn’t get me jittery at all.  Smells like jello, and has the usual ingredients like vitamin b6,b12, taurine, caffeine.

5#- RELAXZEN- not your typical Energy drink, but keeps you focused and relaxed.  Good taste, but the particles in the drink make it annoying to drink.

#4- Java jolt- If you love coffee you will love this, tastes just like ice coffee with more boost.

Most of these drinks are hard to find but GNC stocks and sells most of them.  Check out their selection

#3 NO explode BSN- This isn’t a energy drink in a can, its a supplement with creatine, and other nutrients to help you build muscle and fuel your work outs.  It works rather well, if you drink it you will feel so jittery that you HAVE to work out or you feel like your going to puke.  You will get used to it after a few times of using it.

#2- whoopass- this one is just to funny to not be up here. 

And finally the number one drink in my top tens list is

#1 Monster energy drink – The sugar free is my absolute favorite.  Its also a favorite in the Marine corps, heck they should be paid to drink it since they advertise it for free practically every where they go.  Great tasting but never drink it during extremely hot weather, it tends to dehydrate you and you may become a heat casualty.



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