brians progress

zixuans progress

your progress is good, but i would like to see clearly what you are going to be selling.  the twitter campaign will definetly help your site.  maybe you can find artists that use twitter and connect through that?  what else can be better? maybe more pictures of this style of art, i dont know much about art paintings so it would be good to see more paintings and learn that way than reading about artists.

Target market audience

-age group 13-40

-Gender- %30 female, %70 male

-Income group – unemployed – 200,000

– location – N/A

– Personality type/personal needs

– Lazy, unorganized, unmotivated, hardworking, workaholics,

-Students, night shift/overtime workers, athletes, soldiers

Twitter campaign

i plan to use twitter to introduce new drinks i’ve just tried, and where i got them.  I can post where to find the cheapest drinks in the city or where you can find certain brand names.  My ultimate goal is to market GNC by introducing energy drinks, pre/post work out drinks and shakes on twitter.

product associated



key words

energy drinks global-1,000,000, local 550,000

energy drink ingredients global 14800, local 9900

cheap energy drinks global 1600, local 1000

wholesale energy drinks global 1900 , local 1300

 energy drinks online global 2400, local 1000

 energy drink manufacturers global 1000, local 580

monster energy drink global 33100, local 14,800

rockstar energy drink 74,000

energy drink side effects best energy drink global 18100, local 12,200


-zixuan –great informative article, needs more pictures.

-profesionalprocastinator- nice article, it sounds like you really like and know alot about your topic.  I thought that long paragraph could have been split up into 2 or 3, it would be easier to read.

-professional procrastinator

great list of sites for procrastinating, the links were a little confusing i thought you were going to put the 10 best on your blog post instead i had to click on the hyperlink.


i like what you did to the site, the colors and way the site is set up is easy on the eyes.  the spacing on the paragraphs are good, pictures are good but i think you put up to many.  What is the product you will be trying to push?

blog networking

1  – yea this tastes like dirt, not fun to drink at all. how are they in business still with all the competition.

page rank na

2 – hey great article, I have never tried this.  But since you rate it a 10-10 I think i should.  Is it only in LA? when do you think it will be distributed on the east coast?
page rank 0

3 – love NOS energy drink, that video was pretty cool

page rank- na

4 – sounds like a drink i gotta try.  i love coffee and a mix of that flavor with cola is always great

page rank -na

5 – i think what they were trying to do was put amino acide l-argine in it to induce nitric oxide production in the body. whether it works or not i dont know.  where can i get this?

pagerank 0


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